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Leaders across the country are tackling the most challenging and pressing issues of our time. Earth Let us all join to deal with unprecedented threats to Earth's life.

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Sweeney Architecture and the Simplus Building System™

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Sweeney Architecture & Simplus Building System

Timothy Sweeney


Founding Principal of Sweeney Architecture and the creator of the Simplus Building System, a unique combination of the advanced technologies of Passive House Design, the science of Panelization, architectural design, traditional construction and factory efficiencies. 

2024 IMPEL Innovator (US Dept of Energy/Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory accelerator program for carbon reduction in construction.

Certified International Passive House Association (iPHA) 

LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)

Designer and Tradesperson (CPHD & CPHT)

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Certification (NCAB)

Past President of the Northern Nevada Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).


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"Unsustainable building design is irresponsible, both to the client and to the environment."

Timothy Sweeney, CEO Sweeney Architecture


Latest Interview

Disruptive CEO Nation:

Revolutionizing Sustainable Construction with Tim Sweeney

Interviewed by Allison Summers, an executive coach and business leader on her Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast.

Latest News Article

Building a More Sustainable Future:

Conversation with the Inventor of Simplus Building System™

QeCAD interviewed Tim Sweeney about the Simplus Building System™.

KOLO 8 News, Dec 7, 2023

Passive House Design -

Could be the future of sustainable living? 

KOLO 8 Reporter Taylor Burke interviewed Tim Sweeney after his presentation of "Before It's Too Late," at the Nevada AIA Luncheon.


Latest Video Presentation

Before It's Too Late -

Let's Start Building What's Really Needed to Reverse Climate Change! 

Presented at the AIA Luncheon, December 5th, 2023. This course explains how buildings contribute to nearly 40% of daily Greenhouse Gas emissions in the U.S. and the urgent need for sustainable building solutions. It explores how Architects can design to reverse Climate Change and questions the responsibility of designing unsustainably despite knowing better.


"Architects can and should step forward to design buildings that help reverse global climate change."

Timothy Sweeney, CEO Sweeney Architecture
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"Now that we know better, how can we continue to design unsustainable buildings?"

Timothy Sweeney, CEO Sweeney Architecture

Our Executive Team

Saving the Environment with Reliable and Sustainable Building Systems.
Tim Sweeney, AIA, CPHD&T, LEED AP
Chief Executive Officer
James Croft
Chief Operations Officer
David Davis
Chief Technical Officer
Timothy Lorang
Chief Information Officer

Why we must act now!

By 2060 current worldwide building stock will double.

square meters of new buildings. 

Building construction and use contribute to climate change.

of global CO2 emissions. 

Buildings are inefficient, leak energy & drive peak demands.

U.S. electricity used by buildings. 

What we CAN DO now!

Build Passive House buildings that are efficient and sustainable.

or more annual energy savings. 

Panelized construction is faster and uses less labor.

faster than traditional building. 

Panels and Passive House science reduces CO2 emissions.

reduction in building carbon emissions.

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