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Your Future Depends Upon Switching to Green Energy & Green Buildings

The Simple Truths are:

  1. Fossil Fuels are the predominant source of energy for most of our lives. They power vehicles, heat buildings, cook our meals, and generate most of our electricity.
  2.  BUT! When fossil fuels are burned they generate Greenhouse Gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane.
  3. Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere trap heat and cause Global Warming, aka Climate Change.
  4. Climate Change is killing species of plants, animals, aquatic life, and causing disastrous weather changes that result in disasters and human migration and refugees.
  5. To stop Climate Change, we need to eliminate the use of fossil fuels for anything we can. We need to eliminate Greenhouse gas production and remove it from the air.
  6. Buildings generate 39% of all of the Greenhouse Gases in the U.S. The entire U.S. building system and everyone in it needs to recognize what’s happening, what’s at stake here, and be mindful about what’s important. We need to develop a plan to both:
    1. Make buildings that are energy efficient and don’t burn as much energy, regardless of the source, and
    2. Make buildings that don’t use products that take as much energy to make the basic materials that are used.
  7. We need a Nation-wide program to:
    1. Provide non-polluting sources of “green” energy,
    2. Require building to be made more energy efficient and of energy-efficient materials, and
    3. Take each step forward as quickly as we can without making mistakes.

Sustainable We need to stop wasting time and money, stop burning fossil fuels, stop killing the world, and switch to “green” electricity-from non-fossil fuel sources before it’s too late. We also need to do the same with how we make our buildings. We need a nationwide program of education and change. This change will take everyone’s commitment, from the single individual to the top of government.  To that end, we've created the Simplus Building System that we believe is the most practical way to Sustainability in Buildings yet created.

Doing something “sustainably” is really as simple as just doing the “Right Thing”. Once you know the facts and “know better”, you have no excuse for NOT at least trying to minimize the wasteful and harmful things that you’re doing to the environment.

Trying to do the “Right Thing” and reducing GHGs is actually the only reasonable and responsible choice you have. It will take time for the change to occur, and with the acceleration in Climate Change that’s occurring today, it will literally take a War on Carbon. But without everyone doing what they can and demanding that our governments take responsibility and start directing the War, the losers in this War will be us and our planet.

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