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"Affordable Housing" doesn't necessarily mean government-subsidized rental housing.  The more legal definition is that of housing (houses, townhomes, condos, etc.) that can be either rented or purchased for 30% or less of the Median US Income.  Of course, variations occur across the country.

One of the biggest keys to making housing truly affordable is to keep the total building costs low, the biggest two of which are labor and materials.  The Simplus Building System knocks down labor costs to the extent that one can actually afford more &/or better quality materials for the same money or less than the cost of conventional construction.  The lower labor costs come from the fact that the Simplus panels can be erected up to 55% faster and 41% less labor than conventional construction.  Faster construction also means less time for financing costs to build up, so there are cost savings on top of cost savings with the Simplus System, 

Homeless housing, Tiny Homes, and Small Living Homes all require affordable housing prices too.  With proper designing, the Simplus System provides exactly that and more.  It saves Time, Money, Energy, and the Environment.  With panelized and Passive House design and construction, there simply is no better way to make housing truly Affordable.

Examples of Affordable Housing, Homeless Housing, Tiny and Small Houses