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Having one's own single-family home is part of the "American Dream" for many.  But inflation, shortages of skilled labor, a population that seems to be growing faster than homes are being produced, and other limitations are making such dreams more difficult to achieve.  Even worse, homes still are being made in thermally inefficient ways that result in grossly unnecessary amounts of fossil fuels being burned to heat and cool them, which is worsening the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the air.

However, with Passive House energy efficient designs, the amounts of greenhouse gases being produced can be reduced to the point where the environment can recover.  With panelized construction, the ability to make high quality homes faster, more affordably, and using fewer materials becomes reality.  Combining panelization with Passive House technologies results in the Simplus Building System, and the benefits of both technologies are instantly available to those who know how to design such homes. 

Examples of Single-Family Homes